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  • Scrip Order form

        Download here your Scrip Order Form and return it to your Scrip Team.

  • Gift Cards

Every Friday, stop by the Scrip Table in front of the auditorium. The Scrip Team sells gift cards to many popular stores like Whole Foods, Vons,, Gap, Shell, Starbucks and many more.

Cards are sold at face value and Overland earns 2-20%. Over 700 retailer cards can be purchased and if we don’t have it on hand, you can order twice a month. Last year, Overland earned over $12,000 through the sale of Scrip cards!

  • Can’t wait for Fridays?

Create a PrestoPay account here to print electronic gift cards to 300+ retailers (i.e., Gap) or Reload existing gift cards to 100+ retailers (i.e. Starbucks, Shell).

For more information about PrestoPay, contact

  • Online Shopping Online Mall contributes 1-20% of eligible purchases when you access your favorite shopping websites through their site. Or download the ForgetMeNot App onto your computer, so your shopping is automatically linked to your account.

– Visit to create an account.

– Select Overland Scrip in the Search for Charitable Organizations.

– To earn for Overland for your online shopping, always go first, click the Shop Online button to access the links to your shopping website.

The More


Shop with this Amazon button.

Or use the same button located on the school website to access the Amazon site and Overland will earn between 1-10% on the items purchased. In one year, Overland has earned $3,800 from this program!

  • Bookmark the school’s home page:
  • Always use the Shop Amazon link on the home page to access Amazon, to shop as you normally would.
  • Remember to put items in the cart AFTER you access through the link, in order to qualify for the earnings.

Ralph’s Reward Program

Register your Ralph’s Rewards card here to earn for Overland!

As of September 1, the Ralph’s Community Contributions program has started for 2018-2019. Please register your Ralph’s Rewards shopper card online and link it to Overland Elementary. The school will earn up to 4% of your purchases made using your registered Ralph’s Rewards card. Instructions to register were sent home with your student or the flyer is also available in the school office. Even if you have registered previously, your card must be renewed every September. Feel free to share the instructions with other friends and family who may not already have an organization to support.

If you have any questions about this program or any other Charitable program, please email the Scrip Team.

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