Ways to support our school through the year!



Gear up!



Wearing Overland T-shirts help reinforce the Overland Community. And without our community, Overland would not be the amazing School it currently is! Tuesdays are School Spirit Days so wear your Overland gear to show your love! Take a peek at our School Market page and visit our monthly Friday morning Gear table to gear up for Spirit Day.




Simply shop with SCRIP



It won’t add up to your shopping cost, and it will benefit our kiddos! Scrip is fundraising while you shop. Here’s how it works: you buy a scrip gift card through our scrip program. Over 750 Retailers to choose from: Wholefoods, Target, Macys, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Starbucks, Subway, etc. just to mention a few… You’ll pay the full-face value, while Overland will earn an immediate percentage that’s typically between 2% and 16% depending on the retailer. Then you use that gift card on your normal purchases. You’re not spending extra money, and you’re just earning for your school!

Missing the Scrip Table on Fridays? We are still open!  Check out the details in the Store & More section.




Amazon in my zone



Each time you shop Amazon, click here so that Amazon will donate a portion back to Overland!  Remember you can “double dip” by using an Amazon SCRIP card for your purchase!




Cut those boxes



Send your kiddos on the hunt for these Box Top tags! Download the Box Top App on your phone to scan digital tags.  Drop off Clipped tags in collection box at the main entrance.  Easy peasy! Each tag equals ¢10 paid back to Overland.  To date, our school has raised $7,982.01 through the box top program. Visit the Box Tops website to create a free account and track earnings for our school.




Ralph’s Reward Program



Register your Ralph’s Rewards card to earn for Overland! Please register your Ralph’s Rewards shopper card online and link it to Overland Elementary. The school will earn up to 4% of your purchases made using your registered Ralph’s Rewards card. Instructions to register will be sent home with your student or the flyer is also available in the school office. Even if you have registered previously, your card must be renewed every September. Feel free to share the instructions with other friends and family who may not already have an organization to support.



If you have any questions about this program or any other charitable program, please email the Ways & Means Team.