Under the spotlights

Say Hi & Welcome to:

David Victorin

What are your function(s) at Overland?
I am the school Coordinator. I work with Ms. Born on: scheduling, coordinating the aides, professional development, student testing, helping with the Single Plan for Student Achievement, the English Learner program, distributing student program materials, and analyzing student achievement data.

What do you like the most about your job?
I have always enjoyed being with children. Talking and spending time with our Overland students has become the highlight of every day.

What do you think makes Overland a special place?
I do not think there is enough space on our website to completely answer this question! Our students are just so kind and caring — they DEFINITELY make Overland special. I also appreciate how involved our parents are in the school. This truly is a testament to how much our parents care about Overland. Finally, the staff and faculty: I am so blessed to have found a school where every staff member is so nice and caring!

What is your background?
I have to admit I am a lifelong Westsider: I grew up in West LA, went to Grand View Elementary, Marina Del Rey Junior High (as it was called back then) and Venice HS, then did all my college at UCLA (GO BRUINS!). I have taught in five (5) different LAUSD schools, as well as serving for nine (9) years as a District administrator in the Central office and at the Local District office. I have also twice served as an assistant principal, once in LAUSD and once at a Charter school.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy riding my bike on the bike path to the beach every day. I also love to read and will appreciate any and all book recommendations!

What’s your superpower?
I am very proud to say that I am a cancer survivor. After two operations, most of the muscle tissue and some of the nerves of my right hand have been been removed, so my right hand does not work especially well. I apologize in advance for not shaking hands — fist-bump, anyone? I am still regularly checking for any of those pesky undisciplined cells, but I think I got those beat!!