The 29th annual Overland Gala and Auction is coming up, and the kick-off volunteer planning meeting will be on Friday, November 3rd at 8:15 in the teacher’s lounge. YOU SHOULD COME! Need more convincing? Here are the top 10 reasons to participate as a volunteer for this year’s gala and auction.

1)      Make money! …. For Overland. The Gala and Auction is the 2nd of only TWO annual Friends of Overland fundraisers. The money raised supports critical Overland programs like teachers’ aides, library, computer lab, and art classes.
2)      Meet new friends! Meet other parents from different grades and classes who are as fun, clever, and interesting as you are!
3)      Use your skills! Are you creative, entrepreneurial, organized, talented in any way? There are so many different tasks needed to make the auction a success, all skills and talents are needed.
4)      No skills necessary! Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, we need you.
5)      There will be coffee. Auction planning meetings have coffee! Who doesn’t need free coffee right after the second bell on a Friday morning?
6)      Flexible time commitment! Want to help but can’t leave work to do school-day volunteering? Then the auction is perfect for you – many of the most critical jobs can be accomplished from home and whenever you have some time.
7)      Do it for the children. Appeal to emotions here. Kids need art and computers and library books and science labs. Without a successful auction, some of these may get the ax.
8)      Be the first to know! Auction volunteers get sneak peaks and input as the event takes shape. Want to be the only one at your playdate who has seen an advanced copy of the auction invitation and knows what’s on the menu for dinner? Thought so.
9)      Be the next generation! We especially encourage parents in younger grades to volunteer – you’re the rising generation of Overland parents and your participation is crucial!
10)  Not sure? Just come on the 3rd and check it out. No biggie.
Note: The gala/auction is scheduled for Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at the Le Meridien Hotel. Mark your calendars now!